Level Up Academy: Performance Stream (invite only)

TERM 2 | 15th April to 30th June | BOOKINGS OPEN FOR TERM 2 2024

Sunday 4:30 PM – 7:00 PM
with Ben Kotovski-Steele

Level Up Circus is WA’s first circus youth academy offering opportunities for circus students to access high level training in circus skills and physical theatre making. This program is unique by the way we choose participants and define ‘excellence’ based on diversity of experiences, backgrounds and abilities. The academy actively seeks to include diversity in its cohort of participants. We achieve this representation through access pathways for participants from our current priority foci programs - Aboriginal Youth Circus program in Armadale and ‘Circus? You can!’ training for disabled youth.

This unique academy is an opportunity for future circus artists to grow here in WA as well as breaks down barriers to access, diversify opportunity, support health and wellbeing, and empowers all young people to be ambitious, physically strong and mentally healthy.

The Academy is made up of two streams:
Performance Stream - for advanced circus skilled students
Development Stream - for younger less skill advanced students who want to develop skills in performing

Thursdays: 5-7.30pm - skills and strength training
Fridays: 5.30-7pm - open training
Sundays: 3.30-6.30pm - ensemble performance training and production rehearsals


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