Tailored for all ages and occasions

A circus workshop in a traditional big top circus tent is a great party activity for all who are irrepressibly spirited and keen to explore the new and the unusual side of life with their friends and family.

This party is not a sit back and be entertained activity, nor a go wild in a padded environment outing. This is an opportunity to become a part of the circus and learn some great take home skills. The workshops are delivered by professional and energetic circus trainers who are also performers. Our parties can cater directly to the interests and abilities of you and your guests, just let us know if you have any special requests.



Available Times

4:00 PM your guests arrive
4:15 PM Circus workshop begins
5:45-6:15 PM After-party

9:00 AM your guests arrive
9:15 AM Circus workshop begins
10:45-11.15 AM After-party



What does the party include?

  • A 1.5-hour circus workshop in the Freo Big Top tent
  • Tables and chairs to sit around and share food
  • Hang out in the Big Top for 30 minutes after the workshop
  • Games, trampoline, aerials (trapeze and silk), tight wire walking, manipulations (spinning plates, hula hoop, juggling)

Jo is your birthday party guide and will help you organise a memorable party and can be communicated with via email above. Feel free to phone the office with any queries.


  • $320 for up to 8 people
  • $455 for up to 16 people
  • $595 for up to 24 people

We may be able to include an additional 3 participants for $80. Any more than three extra participants please book the next sized party. Parents and siblings not joining the workshop are not counted in these numbers. If you wish to add participants after the booking is made we require 2 weeks notice.

For all enquiries including increasing by 3 participants please email Jo Lee


How To Book

  1. Click on the BOOK HERE button below
  2. Select the number of participants you wish and choose a date and time – no payment required
  3. We will confirm availability and accept your booking – dates may be unavailable
  4. Make a payment – once paid then gather up the kids and skip into the Big Top

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