A collaboration between our ‘Act Belong Commit Youth Troupes’ and All Abilities Circus Youth from our ‘Circus? You Can!’ program

Directed by Natano Fa’anana
Asst Directors: Ben Kotovski Steele & Stephani Pick
Writer and Dramaturg: Sarah Healy

Tayla, Mitch, Jyrah and Olivia’s inner worlds are filled with intrigue, fascination and exploration. But these worlds can be challenging when people see their limitations not their abilities.

Join us to witness their stories of who they are shared through the feats and expressions of circus physicality and youthful energy.

This presentation of be’spoke is as a work in progress. The full production will be completed and presented at the State Theatre Centre in 2023. By attending this presentation you will have an opportunity to get up close to the content, feel the stories in their raw state, have the opportunity to hear about the process of development and feel a part of the journey by supporting our young people’s confidence in what they are doing.

We are grateful to Fremantle’s Winter Festival 10 Nights in Port and the team who support this presentation.

10 Nights In Port sets our town aglow every year with music, sensory splendour, fire, ceremony and art. At the creative heart of this festival is a deep consideration of ways to lighten and brighten each other’s lives, to showcase unique local stories and focus on pathways forward.

Learn more about the Festival here and you’ll see why we love being part of this event that reflects the fierce creative power and strength of our town and community.

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