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All Abilities Circus allows children and teenagers living with disability to imagine more and dream beyond society’s determination of their limitations.

 This circus program has been developed to support diverse physical and intellectual abilities. While we would love to include all students with diverse needs in our regular programs, the rigours and demands of circus and safety does not allow for such a breadth of abilities. So, in partnership with DADAA, we have generated a unique and supportive all abilities program that caters for the needs of young people who love to engage physically with the world around them.

By removing the barriers to cultural participation for children with disabilities, the program offers skills development, creativity and social connection.

This is what social circus is all about … welcoming and celebrating difference.


Together we are a community


Forward an application to be considered for future Circus? You Can All Ability Programs or email to book in.


All ages (ages 8-18)  THURSDAY 4:00 – 5:30pm

We launched Circus? You Can! in the July 2021 School Holidays. This program will continue during term times as weekly classes and return during holidays as intensive programs. If you have any questions or you wish to be considered for future programs, please call us to discuss your child’s unique abilities.

Come give it a go!

COST: We are awaiting funding for this program. If no funds come through then Term 2 2022 will cost: $200 for 10week program.

BYO: laughter, determination and support person if required

Experience Collider

CircusWA and DADAA co-production | Directed by Sam Fox

In 2018, a collaboration between DADAA and CircusWA produced Experience Collider – a performance project for teenagers with high support needs disabilities and our Youth Troupe performers. Supported by Telethon and the Telethon Kids Institute, the project saw 30 young people aged 13 to 19 work together for 18 months to create, rehearse and ultimately perform Experience Collider at the State Theatre Centre as part of the 2019 AWESOME Festival.

The show was described as a journey during which all the young people moved through the experience together, all exploring it differently – some suspended in the air, some in chairs or on wheeled platforms, some singing, some carrying lights or video cameras, and some vocalising or signing. They needed to find a way through the Collider as a group, each taking turns but always together.

“We are establishing a stronger community that celebrates inclusivity. The emphasis on collaboration and difference fuels wonderful creativity. Sam Fox, Artistic Director of Experience Collider.

Circulate Y16+

Helping vulnerable young people

The Circulate Y16+ has been designed to support young people at risk of or emerging from homelessness.

Focusing on self-directed skill development and community building, the Y16+ program has been created in collaboration with APM Communities, Ruah, Fremantle Mind, The City of Fremantle, Life Without Barriers (Ngatti House) and Anglicare (Y-Shac).

You can read more about Circulate Y16+ here.

This program is currently on hold until further funding.

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