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The Level Up Academy is WA’s only circus academy giving ambitious young people access to high level training in circus skills and physical theatre making and testing these skills inside production outcomes.

The Academy creates springboard into real pathways and opportunities in the performing arts industry, including community and contemporary circus, stunt work, theatre arts, dance, and technical production – with rippling impacts locally, nationally, and internationally.

The Level Up Circus Academy supports young people to be ambitious and follow pathways to a career in circus and physical theatre.

Underpinning the Academy is a focus on nurturing physical and emotional safety so risk taking and creativity can bloom. Through our productions we engage with socially relevant topics and work with teams of guest artists to create productions which are challenging and transformative for both audiences and performers.

The academy is made up of Two Streams – a DEVELOPMENT stream for children aged 10-14yrs and the PERFORMANCE stream for young people aged 15-22yrs.  Also embedded into the Academy are two priority streams which offer unique support and training pathways for Aboriginal youth and young people living with a disability:




Auditions only for PERFORMANCE STREAM applicants (aged 15-22)

Open to all young people keen to pursue an experience in circus and physical theatre performing. If you are training in  circus, dance, theatre, gymnastics, cheer, parkour or martial arts and want to put these skills to use in performance, then this is for you.

You don’t have to Train at CircusWA to participate in any of our troupes. We encourage all students to train in a centre and environment that best serves their interests and skills development. All troupe training, Intensives and performance developments are held at the Freo Big Top.


Sunday 17rd December 3-6pm
The Freo Big Top, 90 Adelaide St, Fremantle

Assessed by a Panel of four external Circus and Physical Theatre Artists – panel to be announced closer to the date

The audition is made up of two parts:

  1. WORKSHOP : an open workshop (2hrs) will begin the audition process. It is made up of activities which help the panel assess:  i) basic tumbling/acrobatics; ii) general strength & conditioning; iii) team work; iv) creativity
  2. PERFORMANCE: Everyone is asked to perform a 1 minute act of their choice, with or without music. Acts can be solo or duo pieces with or without circus apparatus – we request no costumes to be worn. Props can be used as a part of the act

Submit a REGISTRATION FORM by 4th December

For more info or to discuss contact
Jo Smith 0435 374 492 |

Contact the Office if you wish to be considered for the DEVELOPMENT STREAM (10yrs +) – see information below


This stream is made up of young people who are physically and creatively ambitious youth.  Performers in this troupe are chosen based on their physical skills in circus, gymnastics, dance or parkour, as well as their commitment to performance making.

In this stream  students train twice a week as an ensemble. Mid week they focus on core strength and circus skills (partner/group acrobatics, teeterboard, tumbling) and on Sundays focus on physical theatre and creating new productions. The program is designed to prepare students for entry into specialist training institutions nationally and internationally, and is a pathway to production companies in WA such as Fliptease and MAXIMA Circus.

The ensemble also participate in one tour – either a training, development or performance tour – which gives them an opportunity to meet other circus performers their age and familiarise them with other training centres and production companies around Australia.

Weekly Training Expectations


  • Thursday Academy Foundations  (2hrs)
  • Friday open troupe training – this is voluntarily attended (2hrs)
  • Sunday performance training (3hrs)


  • min 1 specialist skills class of students choice (this can be undertaken at any approved training centre)


Across the year expect between 50-100 additional hrs for rehearsals and performances. The Annual program will be presented after the Auditions. We ask all students to agree to these expectations.


The number of  shows varies every year. Expect a minimum of two productions and one smaller Academy presentation show each year.


  • $1,600 per year – covers 40weeks of training (7.5hrs/wk) and participation in intensives, rehearsals and performances
  • 40% off all skills classes at the Freo Big Top
  • *There are additional costs to join tours with the costs as subsidised as we can make them through funding

Leviathan by C!rca performed with CircusWA youth troupe 2019 – image provided by Circa


Uglieland 1923 performed for Boorloo Heritage Festival and Fremantle International Street Arts Festival 2023 – image by Tashi Hall


Eclipse in partnership with NICA (National Institute of Circus Arts) 2023 – image by Edwin Sitt


Ungrounded by Jens Altheimer 2020 – image by Tashi Hall



This is our stream where students who are interested in performing and exploring their circus skills further without a large investment. This stream meets weekly on Sundays to improve their ensemble skills, explore aspects of performance and learn how circus acts are assembled. The Development Stream performs at a variety of community events and festivals some of which include Perth’s Boorloo Heritage Festival, International Street Arts Festival and Fremantle Long Table Dinner.

Weekly Training Expectations

  • 1 specialist skills class a week (at any training facility)
  • Fridays open troupe training (non-compulsory) – 2hrs
  • Sundays performance training (compulsory) – 2hrs


  • $300 per term covers all the trainings on Friday and Sunday
  • All Academy Participants receive 40% off all skills classes at the Freo Big Top
  • The performances do not carry any additional costs