Level Up Circus academy

Together we create

Young people are our future. We nurture the ability to inspire awe and wonder. To equip our young artists to cultivate new skills, expertise and leadership, inspire creative expression, and put imaginations to work.

We help young people to grow artistically, personally and professionally, giving them the opportunity to become strong, committed and capable humans for the future, as artists and in any chosen career. Supported by Healthway’s Act Belong Commit message, our underlying focus is on ensuring youth recognise the importance of their mental wellbeing to sustain their physical health and creativity.

Level Up Circus is WA’s first circus academy offering opportunities for circus students of all abilities and backgrounds access to high level training in skills and physical theatre making.

The Academy creates springboard into real pathways and opportunities in the performing arts industry, including community and contemporary circus, stunt work, theatre arts, dance, and technical production – with rippling impacts locally, nationally, and internationally.

The Level Up Circus Academy supports young people to be ambitious and follow pathways to a career in circus and physical theatre.

The academy is made up of Two Streams – see below.  It also has a priority stream which offers unique support and training pathways for Aboriginal youth and young people living with a disability:


This stream is made up of young people who are physically and creatively ambitious youth.  Performers in this troupe are chosen based on their skills in circus, gymnastics, dance or parkour. This stream is for young people who are interested in becoming well rounded circus and physical theatre performers able to  tell stories as well as execute advanced tricks.

In this stream  students train once a week in core circus skills and explore clowning and performance techniques. There is a strong focus on ensemble work with some opportunities for solo/duo work. The program is designed to prepare students for entry into specialist training institutions nationally and internationally. It is also a pathway into production companies in WA.

The training program for the PERFORMANCE STREAM is made up of weekly skills and performance training, summer skills intensives, one major annual production with guest artistic director and a variety of smaller productions at local festivals and arts events around the city and country.

Every year we undertake a tour to the Eastern States with some of the participants.

Weekly Training Expectations


  • Thursday Academy Foundations (compulsory) – 3hrs
  • Friday open troupe training (voluntary) – 2hrs
  • Sunday performance training (compulsory) – 2hrs


  • min 1 specialist skills class of students choice (compulsory)

ADDITIONAL REHEARSALS: approx 50 additional hrs a year in rehearsals and performing

PERFORMANCE EXPECTATIONS: This varies every year with a minimum of two large productions and occasional smaller roving shows


  • $400 per term covers all the trainings on Thursday, Friday and Sunday
  • All Academy Participants receive 40% off all skills classes at the Freo Big Top
  • The performances do not carry any additional costs

DEVELOPMENT STREAM (for 10yrs and up)

This is our stream where students who are interested in performing and exploring their circus skills further without a large investment. This stream meets weekly on Sundays to improve their ensemble skills, explore aspects of performance and learn how circus acts are assembled. The Development Stream performs at a variety of community events and festivals some of which include Perth’s Boorloo Heritage Festival, International Street Arts Festival and Fremantle Long Table Dinner.

Weekly Training Expectations

  • 1 specialist skills class a week (at any training facility)
  • Fridays open troupe training (non-compulsory) – 2hrs
  • Sundays performance training (compulsory) – 2hrs


  • $300 per term covers all the trainings on Thursday, Friday and Sunday
  • All Academy Participants receive 40% off all skills classes at the Freo Big Top
  • The performances do not carry any additional costs


Contact the Office if you are interested in being considered for the Level up Circus Academy.

Open to all young people keen to pursue an experience in circus and physical theatre performing. If you are training in  circus, dance, gymnastics, cheer or parkour this is for you.

You don’t have to Train at CircusWA to participate in any of our troupes. We encourage all students to train in a centre and environment that best serves their interests and skills level development. All troupe training, Intensives and performance developments are held at the Freo Big Top.