Virtually Circus


We developed Virtually Circus when Covid entered our lives. This program offers fun ways of staying fit and connected with circus, when we can’t physically meet in the Big Top!

All example programs are listed below.

TO BOOK IN – Click the link on the day of the class you’d like to attend and fill out a google form. A special  Zoom link will be emailed to you 30mins before class. If you don’t get the link contact us 0435 374 492.

No additional cost for current students.

If you aren’t a current student but keen to find out what all the buzz is about then contact the office on


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all Tuesday classes

  • 4-5pm:
    • HOOP HOP AND HOOT (5-7yrs) with Jess Smart

After the end of a long weekend of serious Iso, it’s time to bring in the fun and puff of circus. So send the kids to the computer with Jess for an hour where phyisical literacy will be learned while spinning hoops, hopping with feet and ropes and hooting with laughter.

  • 5.10-6.10pm:
    • DIABLO (open age) with Ben Kotovski-Steele

Diablo is one of those skills that require focus, poise and determination. Spend an hour with Ben learning the tricks and skills to diablo and you might find yourself hooked. (you can borrow a diablo from the circus – call to arrange)

  • 6.20-7.20
    • PARTNER ACROBATICS (open age) with Ben Kotovski-Steele & Jess Smart

Jess and Ben have developed an innovative hour of gritty muscular workout to share with anyone in your household. Using the weight of others, this is a fun way to maintain your circus strength and prepare for your return to partner acrobatics.

  • 7.30-8.30
    • CIRCUS STRENGTH & CONDITIONING  (12yrs+) with Ben Kotovski-Steele

A general conditioning program to sweep out the cobwebs of the day and stay strong and ready for any circus scenario – great for all int/adv aerialist or acrobats.


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all Wednesday Classes

  • 4-5pm
    • CIRCUS HULA HOOPS (open age) with Sarah Healy

Send the kids and yourself to the computer with Sarah for an hour of finding the many joys of swinging and moving a hoop around the body in mesmerising patterns.

  • 5.10-6.10pm
    • ROUND THE TWIST (8yrs+) with Sarah Healy

Have you almost mastered a forward and side split? Do you like putting your foot on your head? Then getting twisted is your thing. Sarah will take you into the fun world of shape shifting limbs around your torso while staying safe and strong.

  • 6.20-7.20pm
    • FLEXIBILITY FOR CIRCUS (12yrs+) with Simon Wood

Remind yourself of the important art of flexibility – something everyone should keep up with and include in their daily fitness routines. It will improve your skills in all circus skills – acrobatics, aerials, chinese pole, tricking, juggling, clowning etc…

  • 7.30-8.30pm
    • UNIQUE JUGGLING (12yrs+ Int Jugglers) with Luke Forrester

Great opportunity to maintain your juggling practice. Join Luke in an hour of exploring and tuning up your techniques.


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all Thursday Classes

  • 4-5pm
    • CLIMBING WALLS (5-7yrs) with Chloe Shadlow

Come and safely plug your kids into a computer and we’ll find their power and use their energy through circus. An hour of games, fitness, sweat and laughter.

  • 5.10-6.10pm
    • UNICYCLING (open age & can balance) with Chloe Shadlow

Call the office if you need to loan a unicycle. Make sure you are in an open space – garage, back garden – and it’s nice and flat. Then have fun cycling and hopping your cycle around the house.

  • 6.20-7.20pm
    • BEGINNER HANDSTANDS (open age 10yrs+) with Nath Kell

If you can kick into a handstand against a wall but can’t figure out how to move off the wall, then this class is for you. Nath will help you understand the muscles you require and the safest way in and out of the handstand.

  • 7.30-8.30pm
    • INT/ADV HANDSTANDS (open age 12yrs+) with Nath Kell

Can you come into a free handstand and hold for min 5 seconds? Then this class is for you. Nath Kell will guide you across the threshold of frustration and into a solid form handstand from which you will be able to let your legs dance.