Meet the 23/24 board members

Meet our 2024 board of Directors and Artistic Director. After an amazing couple of years of survival and growth with our 2020-2023 board, we are now introducing a new team of leaders. With these humans at the helm we’re looking forward to CircusWA building on the strength laid down by the previous board.

We are implementing some exciting changes to the board structure as a way of building connectivity and shared responsibility. We’ve elected a smaller number (just 5members) and have decided to proceed with all members voted on as executives in unassigned roles. This means all roles and decision making processes will be shared equally. We look forward to seeing how these changes roll out across the year and sharing the outcomes. Find out who they all are by clicking on their profiles linked here. Clockwise from top left:
Jo Smith (Artistic Director – non voting); BOARD EXEC: Richard Longbottom; Leanne Puttick; Jake Silvestro; Adelaide H.; Scott Dennis