Finding Light: Showcase 13th Nov

CircusWA’s annual Students Showcase is on again. Presented by our Trainers and performed by our Students.
Tickets online below.
This year’s theme is Finding Light. A playful exploration of light. A physical and metaphorical play with light and shadow. Follow the light source and watch it held by each of the students and passed between them all like the olympic flame – but circus style.
We are looking forward to seeing all of our amazing circus students get brave and get out onto the floor to show us what they’ve been learning and training so hard at. This is an opportunity for everyone, from 6yr olds to 50+yrs olds, from beginners to advanced students, to share and be applauded for their skills and their creativity.
Please come with love and generosity in your heart and support everyone to be brave and perform.
The only cost is the cost of a ticket. Our Trainers, office staff and volunteer team will do the rest for you.
Here is the schedule of acts:
CARNIBAR – open for refreshments at 4.30pm
SESSION A (5-6pm)
  • Aboriginal Youth Troupe – Wednesday
  • Super Circus – Monday
  • Super Circus – Saturday
  • Homeschool Circus – Friday
  • Aerials L1 – Wednesday
  • Aerials L1 – Saturday
  • Sophia, Neela & Tycho – Trio
  • Silk and Rope – Monday
  • Kylie – Solo
  • Emmanuel – Solo
  • Amy & Kirra – Duo
SESSION B (6.30-7.30pm)
  • Acrobatics L2 – Monday
  • Acrobatics L3 – Thursday
  • Lyra & trapeze L2
  • Unicycle and Juggling – Friday
  • Big Top Circus Skills – Tuesday
  • Amelie – Solo
  • Aerials L1 – Monday
  • Silk and Rope L3 – Tuesday
  • Handstands – Tuesday
  • Lyra L3 – Wednesday
  • Chinese Pole – Monday
  • Partner Acrobatics – Tuesday
  • Silk and Rope L2 – Saturday
  • Teeterboard – Thursday
If tickets all sold out we recommend you still come along and we’ll try and squeeze everyone in who needs to be in.