Together We Can Campaign

Today we stand on the threshold of a brilliant new future for circus in WA.

CircusWA is committed to supporting the growth of Western Australian youth programs designed for Aboriginal youth, children living with disability, and all aspiring young artists.

Welcome to the revolution that’s been brewing beneath the canopy of the Freo Big Top. Since 2017 CircusWA has not only been surviving in a big top, but also growing youth programs which help young people in our community to be ambitious and creative. We are building opportunities for all young people to thrive and dream of being our story tellers of the future.

We invite you to support our young artists and help secure our future through our circus revolution.




Our first goal is to raise $25,000 by the end of May



This campaign is supported by Creative Partnerships Australia



This year we are reaching deeper into our community to ask for your involvement. We invite you to invest into our youth programs, which are designed to grow diversity, generosity and connections to others.

 We can’t do this alone, but… TOGETHER WE CAN!

Our impact is only as great as the support we receive.

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