Youth Troupes

Our Act Belong Commit youth troupes program has been developed to inspire young circus talent to further their circus skill development and grow their talents towards performance outcomes.

By giving young people opportunities and responsibilities as youth troupe members, we create a framework which supports them to express themselves and take active roles in our circus community while also growing their skills. You can learn more about our three troupes below.

Participation in CircusWA’s youth troupes is by invitation only. If you’re interested in being considered for any of the troupes, please email Artistic Director, Jo Smith.

Act Belong Commit

Performance Development Group

Troupe Director Samantha Smith

Image by CircusWA

Also known as PDG, this is our youngest youth troupe (ages ranging from 9 – 12) for students who have shown an interest in performing alongside their circus endeavours. This troupe meets on a weekly basis on Sundays to improve their ensemble skills, explore aspects of performance and learn how circus acts are assembled. PDG participants focus on developing their performance skills, preparing themselves for regular performances during their time in Sliders and Colliders troupes.  During the year they will perform at CircusWA’s Students’ Showcase, and learn the art of Roving at the Fremantle Long Table Dinner in November.

x 1 weekly specialist skills class chosen by student – 1.5hrs (subsidised 20%)
Friday open troupe training – 2hrs (free)
Sunday PDG performance session – 2hrs ($300)


Troupe Director Steph Pick

Image by Jordan Pursey

This is the tween/teenage youth troupe; the Colliders range in age from 12-17. This group is the next step for students who are interested in developing their circus skills and performing more regularly.  The troupe meets on a weekly basis to improve their ensemble skills and explore different aspects of performance and creation. All troupe members take a range of skills classes of their choice either at CircusWA or other centres. During school holiday periods, intensive skills sessions are offered with guest artists. The annual program for Colliders is made up of one production, one showcase performance, and up to three street and festival events.

x 2 weekly specialist skills classes class chosen by student – 3hrs (subsidised 20%)
Friday open troupe training – 2hrs (free)
Sunday Colliders performance session – 2hrs ($300)


Troupe Director Rachel Bodenstaff

Image by Jennie Friesen

The Sliders youth troupe is CircusWA’s advanced troupe, made up of circus students aged 15-22. Performers for this troupe are chosen based on their exceptional skills in circus arts, their dedication and their independence in training. Sliders is perfect for young people who are interested in becoming well rounded performers who can elicit emotion and tell stories as well as executing tricks. The program accepts up to 12 students annually.

In this troupe students explore clowning and performance quality while also developing their own personal performance style. Training will focus strongly on ensemble work but solo and duo work will also be explored. All students are expected to develop a breadth of skills in acrobatics, aerials and juggling. The program is designed to prepare the participants for entrance into specialist circus training institutions, nationally and internationally. This is also a pathway into professional performance with a variety of production companies in WA.

On top of two skills training sessions a week (individuals choose), troupe members meet weekly on a Sunday afternoon and are asked to attend one open training session on a Friday for self-directed development. During holiday periods when not in creative developments or rehearsals, students are invited to attend skills intensives with a range of inspirational guest artists.

The Sliders’ annual program is made up of skills intensives, one major annual production with a guest artistic director and a variety of smaller productions at local festivals and arts events.

x 2 weekly specialist skills classes class chosen by student – 3hrs (subsidised 20%)
Friday open troupe training – 2hrs (free)
Sunday Sliders performance session – 2hrs ($300)