Gaea Anastas

Gaea Anastas is an interdisciplinary performance and visual artist, and some days a clown. Gaea was first introduced to circus as a small child and reunited with it as a young adult, she has trained and worked at Circus WA since 2016.
Gaea has a degree in Fine Arts and Theatre, creatively she loves to delve into realms of mythology and archetypes and is fascinated by exploring the human psyche. On stage Gaea enjoys pushing boundaries, regularly subverting her identity into the archetype of the clown, as a way to critique feminist roles, domesticity, and the everyday, whilst straddling the line of truth and humour.
You can find Gaea in her own colourful and dreamy world, also known as The Silly Town Circus, where she makes magic happen as the boss clown. Gaea can also be found with her teacher’s hat on, engaging with young people through her passion in visual arts and circus. In her spare time, Gaea loves to play and explore what her body can do, taking to various circus skills and apparatuses, some being a bit out of the ordinary, such as pianos, bathtubs, and ovens.