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Growing Circus Humans for the Future

CircusWA is a training and development centre for circus arts in the heart of Fremantle. For over 30years the centre has nurtured emerging artists who now perform around the world. Via our performance training programs CircusWA is generating real life opportunities for young people to become unique and skilled performers. Our artistic programs are focused on empowering young people to understand contemporary issues, reflect on who they are, and strengthen their voices for visioning the future. An underlying focus is on ensuring our students understand the importance of their mental wellbeing to sustain physical health and creativity.

Annually all three troupes participate in (i) creative developments, (ii) skills intensives with visiting circus artists and (iii) guest director led new productions.

Our performance program is made up of three troupes: Performance Development Group (10yrs+); Colliders (12yrs+); Sliders (15yrs+)


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Register by Mon 6th December

AUDITION: Sliders or Colliders: Sunday 12th December

TRY OUT: Performance Development Group: Sunday 19th December

Open to all young people training in any physical skill which could be used to tell stories on a stage: circus, dance, gymnastics, cheer, parkour, or other physical skills

You don’t have to Train at CircusWA to participate in any of our troupes. We encourage all students to train in a centre and environment that best serves their interests and skills level development. All troupe training and performance development is held at the Freo Big Top

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Photo by Ted Dana

Performance Development Group (10yrs+)

Director Sarah Healy

This is our youngest youth troupe (10yrs+) for students who have shown an interest in performing with their circus training. This troupe meets on a weekly basis on Sundays to improve their ensemble skills, explore aspects of performance and learn how circus acts are assembled. The Performance Development Group performs at a variety of community events and festivals some of which include regular appearances at the Perth Heritage Festival, International Street Arts Festival and Fremantle Long Table Dinner.

x 1 weekly specialist skills class
Friday open troupe training – 2hrs
Sunday performance training – 2hrs

Photos by Tashi Hall – “Out of the Big Top” 2021.

Colliders (12yrs+)

Director Steph Pick

Colliders is the next step for students who are interested in getting a little more serious about performing with circus and physical theatre. Students who have competence in two or more skills, show an aptitude for performing and are inspired by ensemble work are invited into this program. The troupe meets on a weekly basis and focuses on ensemble skills, ideation, act creation and performance presentation. The annual program for Colliders is made up of one production, one showcase performance, and up to three street and festival events.

x 1 weekly specialist skills class
x 1 weekly Open Training (student led)
Sunday performance training – 2hrs

ADDITIONAL REHEARSALS: approx 40 additional hrs a year in rehearsals and performing

Sliders (15yrs+)

Director Rachel Bodenstaff

The Sliders youth troupe is CircusWA’s advanced troupe. Performers in this troupe are chosen based on their exceptional skills in any two physical skills in circus, gymnastics, dance, parkour etc. Sliders is perfect for young people who are interested in becoming well rounded circus and physical theatre performers able to  tell stories as well as execute advanced tricks. The program accepts up to 10 students annually.

In this troupe students explore clowning and performance techniques. There is a strong focus on ensemble work with an additional development on solo and duo work within performances. The program is designed to prepare students for entry into specialist training institutions nationally and internationally. It is also a pathway into production companies in WA.

The Sliders’ annual program is made up of skills intensives, one major annual production with guest artistic director and a variety of smaller productions at local festivals and arts events around the city and country. Every even year the troupe is invited to join a tour to the Eastern States.

x 2 weekly specialist skills class
x 1 weekly Open Training (student led)
Sunday performance training – 2hrs

ADDITIONAL REHEARSALS: approx 50 additional hrs a year in rehearsals and performing


Our youth troupes are subsidised with further financial assistance for students who require support

$1,200 per year ($300/term) – 2hrs of open training on Fridays and 2hrs on Sundays

20% troupe discount on all CircusWA classes

No additional fees for Performances

Skill intensives and Tours are charged extra