Flexibility & Contortion (12yrs+)

TERM 2 | 19th April to 4th July

Monday 5:30PM-7:00PM
Samantha Smith

Is contortion only for the hyper-flexible? No - with focus and 'appropriate' stretching any body can achieve contortion.
If you're hyper-flexible is contortion easy? No - a big focus on strength at end of range positions is essential for safety and longevity as a contortionist.
Is this class just for people who want to do contortion? No - all circus skills whether it's aerials, acrobatics, tightwire, chinese pole etc, are all improved by better flexibility.

These myths and more will be busted in this contortion and flexibility program delivered with years of knowledge and skills in growing flexible and strong in a safe environment.

If you are under 12yrs of age but have advanced contortion and mature focus then you will be invited to join this class.

$319/term (10wks)

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