Circus for All

The circus has always been a home for people who are different or seen as ‘others’. CircusWA is for everyone: a safe and inclusive environment for people with different needs and abilities.

At CircusWA be believe that everyone should be able to experience the joys of circus. If financial hardship is a barrier to participating in circus, we encourage you to call or email us to discuss payment plans, scholarships or bursaries.

We have trainers with strong skills and experience working with young people at risk and people with disability, including people with high support needs.

Circulate Y16+

Circulate Y16+ runs from 11am-12pm on Tuesdays during the school term. This program has been designed to support young people at risk of or emerging from homelessness. Focusing on self-directed skill development and community building, the Y16+ program has been created in collaboration with APM Communities, Ruah, Fremantle Mind, The City of Fremantle, Life Without Barriers (Ngatti House) and Anglicare (Y-Shac).

You can read more about Circulate Y16+ here.

Experience Collider

Image by Deborah May

In October 2019, CircusWA and DADAA premiered a multi-disciplinary collaborative performance project,  Experience Collider, at the AWESOME International Arts Festival for Bright Young Things. In this production 28 young people journeyed together as they moved through the Experience Collider.  Each person explored it differently:  some moved suspended in the air, in chairs or on wheeled platforms. Others sang, signed or carried lights and video cameras. They needed to find a way through the Collider as a group, each taking turns but always together.

This unique performance was developed with CircusWA’s Youth Troupes in partnership with DADAA’s teenagers with high support needs. Experience Collider was a groundbreaking inclusive performance using circus, dance, theatre and film. It was the study of a Telethon Kids Institute Quality of Life Study which you can read here; head to pages 60-62 to see how art improves lives. You can also read the full evaluation report here.

Inclusive classes, workshops and birthday parties

Image by CircusWA

We have experience supporting students to undertake classes as a part of their self-managed NDIS plan. In 2020 we supported 5 participants on NDIS plans to participate in circus with extremely positive results.

We also provide birthday parties and workshops catering to people with a variety of disabilities. If you are interested in inclusive classes, birthday parties or workshops or any of our other programs, please contact us for more information.